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Sept 2018  

“I’m really sorry that this has taken so long but Caleb & I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making him so welcome. It was a bit hectic around his return to Uni so he didn’t get a chance to thank you in person.”                         


The club is always happy to accommodate visiting archers, as a student we look forward to seeing Caleb again over the holidays!


Sept 2018

“Just like to say I thoroughly enjoyed the course. 

A massive thanks to all the coaches. I’m extremely impressed with the coaching I’ve been around a lot of instructors and I know quality when I see it.”                                 


Our September Beginners course was lots of fun as well as some serious tuition. Always enjoyed by coaches and participants.

2 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. At our month-end shoot on the 26th April a number of archers acheived new club records for the Worcester round.
    Wayne Sharpe took the gentlemen’s Barebow record
    Rayon Wright took the Ladies U12 record
    Oliver Young took the Gents U12 record
    Casey Knights took the Gents U16 record

    Congratulations to all of our archers.
    We look forward to more records falling.

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