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Archers shooting line

18th December 2020

Hi everyone,

As you will be aware, Peterborough has been placed in tier 3 and as a result travel into and out of is now restricted.

In the world of Griffin Archers we are definitely closed until this situation changes. This is due in part to the fact that members from outside of Peterborough are not allowed to travel to the Focus Centre. Our shooting situation remains the same – we are looking at being closed until spring.

This is both for health and financial reasons. We are still looking at the ‘Return to play’ initiative to see if we can raise some more cash for the club to re-open. I’ll update you all on that one as we find out more.

The club bows, arrows, toolbox and bracers are here with me for maintenance.

As of today, all the arrows have been checked and repairs done where necessary (Thanks Pete for all your efforts).

The toolbox has been sorted, tidied and is now ready to start work again.

Our bracers box has also been sorted and some items disposed of, as they were beyond economic repair.

The chestguards have all been checked and are now residing in the bracers box.

New bow strings are being made by myself, and the next job is getting all the bow kits complete – I have found that a few of the bows are missing sights and so will need replacing.

My offer to all club members remains the same although I appreciate we now have logistical issues to deal with as well

If any club member would like me to do some general maintenance on their equipment whilst we are unable to shoot, please let me know and we can sort out times, dates as appropriate. If by chance you do not have my contact details, just use the contact form on the website and Di will get the message to me.


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