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Current Club Constitution – as at March 2022Row of targets with arrows

The governance of our club is very important to every member. We take our responsibilities as an Archery GB affiliated club very seriously.

It’s the duty of every sports club to take measures to ensure that all participants, volunteers and visitors can enjoy their sport in a safe environment.

To demonstrate that commitment we have written our club policies, and have formally adopted the Archery GB codes of conduct …

Club Policies: Club and AGB Codes of Conduct:
Club Policies:For all Griffin Archers members
Safeguarding PolicyFor Adult Archers
Privacy PolicyFor Young Archers
Equality PolicyFor Coaches, Leaders and Officials
COVID-19 PolicyFor Spectators, Parents and Carers

Meet your Committee for 2022

Please join with me to welcome your committee and acknowledge the work that they put in to the club.

ChairJohn Searle
One of the original founders of the club. He's been in the sport for 40 years, and coaching for 25 years.
Currently an AGB Level 2 coach.
SecretaryDi Searle.
Long-suffering wife of John, and another founder of the club. She doesn't shoot but does support all of us in our enjoyment of the sport.
TreasurerRu Barlow.
An international archer, and member of Griffin Archers. Always busy, but still looking after the club's finances.
Coaching OfficerRobyn Searle.
Robyn has been an AGB Level 1 coach since she was 16, and is Dad's right-hand woman in all things coaching related.
Equipment OfficerAlan Joyce.
Alan is one of our newer members, and is giving his time to the club in the area of equipment.
We are keeping him busy.
Records OfficerPeter Lindsay.
One of our compound shooters. He has also joined our coaching team and helping out with our new members.
Committee memberScott Wolfe.
Scott doesn't have a specific role within the committee. He gives much appreciated support in many aspects of Griffin Archers. He has joined our coaching team, and helping immensely in that role.
Committee memberDeniss Silputnins.
Like Scott, Deniss doesn't have a specific role within the committee. He gives much appreciated support in many aspects of Griffin Archers.
Committee memberAndy Tidman.
Based in London, he is a long-term friend of both John and Di. He is an AGB level 1 coach and a compound archer of over 40 years - his knowledge of archery and compound bows in particular is immense.
Committee memberTom Vaughan.
A new member of Griffin Archers, with a logical mind and an inquiring nature.
Social MediaSammie Peddie.
Sammie has been seconded onto the committee in order to improve our social media presence.