Junior Archer of the Month

   Junior Archer of the Month

Li’l Griff – our own griffin. He supports the club and actively encourages our junior archers to do well.


For June 2019 -Sophie Sharpe

Sophie has been awarded Li’l Griff this month for being patient and always supporting Griffin Archers despite still being too little to shoot.

For April and May 2019 -Emma Flowers

Emma has been making great strides in her archery, and is always helpful to other members. She has enjoyed the company of Li’l Griff and we look forward to hearing about their adventures.

Note: 1st April was the day the club changed its name to Griffin Archers.

For March 2019 – Cheyanne Ferreday

Cheyanne has been making her mark, bringing medals from outside competitions as well as being a club favourite here at Invictus. Cheyanne shoots out and about, but we know that her loyalty lies with Invictus. She will have the pleasure of Vic’s company for her birthday too!


For February 2019 – Rayon Wright

Vic was very much the key to this months award. Rayon got an unpresidented 3rd award of Junior Archer of the month. This was down to her consistent attendence, when others were dropping like flies with flu’s and colds. Her enthusiasm remains and so does her smile and friendly conversations. Well done Rayon!


For January 2019 – Casey Knights

This Junior Archer award was presented at the Christmas shoot, so Casey got some well deserved recognition and a furry vistor for Christmas! Casy is one of our newer junior members, but is showing increased talent and brings his family along too, so we get to know everyone. Casey is doing so well we wanted him to feel that we are seeing his progress and look forward to him getting better and better scores. He is definitely one to watch out for in the future as his talent makes him a candidate for performance archery.


For the month of December – Rayon Wright

Well Rayon has proved herself with her funky new archery kit she is shooting well and achieveing top scores, winning badges and seems to have increased her confidence enormously. Vic is looking forward to spending some more time with this young archer and her family, he had particular fun with Rayon and her sister.


For the month of November – Oliver Young

October Junior – Oliver Young, Oliver has returned after the summer with more purpose and concentration on his shooting. This has appealled to Vic and his noisy side, so Oliver has injected a “BANG” into Friday nights and we look forward to Vics adventures.


For the month of October – Bethany Achurch

Junior Archer of the Month (and the honour of Vic the Phoenix’s presence) has gone to a relative newcomer Bethany Achurch. She came to us after completing a beginners course elsewhere and has become a firm and trusted member of our juniors, she shoots with amazing competence and her overall confidence as a club member and part of the Invictus Family has caused us to award her this months trophy. We look forward to seeing how Vic got on in the Achurch household.


For the month of September –Thomas Sharpe

Junior Archer of the month goes to Thomas Sharpe. We are seeing a marked improvement in his archery scoring and concentration. Vic the Phoenix and the Invictus family wanted to reward, encourage and motivate this junior member who is always happy to be part of the Invictus family. Vic also knows that he is onto a good thing spending September with the Sharpe family as its Thomas birthday month so theres bound to be CAKE!


For the month of July and August – Cheyanne Ferreday

Cheyanne Ferreday proved her worth throughout the month of June, so Archer of the month was an easy decision as she has used her experience to instruct newcomers and has unending patience with little ones when it comes to have-a go archery. Vic gets to go spend time with Cheyanne as she completes her final couple of weeks at primary school.

As July came to an end and August approached Vic the Phoenix had a strong opinion about where he should be and who should be Junior Archer of the month. Cheyanne Ferreday was awarded an unprecedented 2nd month so that Vic and her Invictus family could be with her as she underwent a procedure in Great Ormond Street Hospital.


For the month of June – Rayon Wright

Vic made his first appearence at May 2018 End of Month shoot, and could barely contain his excitement.

Vic was desperate to discover who would get to take him home and share the month of June with him. He was soooooo excited.

Rayon Wright was awarded Junior Archer of the Month for May and got to be the first junior member to look after Vic. Rayon has concentrated so much more this last month, working on her scoring and she always helps with putting equipment away.

We look forward to seeing some evidence of Vic’s adventures with Rayon.