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Are you looking to get back into Archery?

A simple refresher session can soon get you back up and shooting.

To book your session, email

You can find our venue address here – please ensure that you have booked a session before coming to the venue.

We’re ready to welcome you back to help you achieve your sporting ambitions in a socially distanced but fully supportive environment

Welcome to the online home of Griffin Archers.

At home in our archery family

We are Griffin Archers, a community archery club based here in the UK. Focused around our members, and always open to welcoming new members to our Archery family. We offer an Archery GB affiliated club, where we practice and shoot at regular sessions. Everything from a social shoot to tournament preparation and time with our experienced coaches. We even have regular in-house competitions – some are novelty, some are more organised to help prepare for the competition experience. The club can offer “Have-a-Go” sessions within the community of Peterborough, and regular “Taster” sessions at our venue. This allows you to experience the sport before committing to go any further. It is our aim to bring equal opportunities within archery to all abilities and needs.

The club as our ‘Archery’ home

Hannah scores gold!
One of our new archers showing off their achievement

Our club experience is within our strong and inclusive family. Whether you are a Junior, Senior, someone with special physical or educational needs, or hidden disabilities – we just welcome you as a “Member”, and an “Archer”. Archery is very much a sport for all. It’s a totally personal journey. Come along and meet us for a taster session, see what it’s all about and how it can work best for you.

Not sure you can do it?

Whether you’re a total beginner, a novice who has tried the sport a few times, or an experienced archer – we are happy to welcome you at the club. We have beginner courses, Refresher courses and the experience to help you to join us, and become part of Griffin Archers.

Through this, our online home, we hope to be able to promote the sport of archery and its benefits to overall fitness and health. Griffin Archers will always be accessible to all, and provide support, coaching and advice to any who need it. Contact us here

Focus Centre signage

Alternatively, if you are a community group and would like us to come along and be part of your event, or even give an introduction to a different sport, please Contact us.

We can come out to groups as long as there is the space for us to safely do so – we can discuss this with you.

Here at our Focus Centre home, we are lucky to have the ability to shoot both the indoor and outdoor seasons.

Inclusive Archery, a Sport with a difference

Griffin Archers encourages archery as an activity for all, and as more of us are being affected by mental Health conditions, we are keen to encourage everyone to find the original Zen. Many people find that archery provides an active and alternative form of simple meditation.

It is widely recognised that focussing on something can provide a relief and release from a wide range of conditions. This can range from simple stresses to very serious PTSD. The routine and rules of archery can give you structure, while the personal aspect of the sport allows those who need to find some “Me time” the perfect outlet.

As a club we are excited to promote archery as an “activity for all” regardless of age or ability. We are accessible, both indoors and out. Family-friendly; we encourage parents, carers, family and friends to come along.

Want to be a part of the Griffin Archers family, but not shoot? We also have non-shooting associate membership available for anyone who wants to be part of the club as a volunteer or helper.

You will always find a warm welcome at Griffin Archers, regardless of how we meet you.

Our Coaching Team

Our coaching team brings a uniquely cohesive brand of support for all. They are all approachable and accessible, bringing their knowledge and experience directly to all our members. With specialist knowledge of many aspects of the sport they can work with archers of every ability. Their extensive experience is based around the safety and enjoyment of the sport. They support members who are performance or elite, but are just as happy on their knees chatting to a junior about aiming for a balloon on the target.

At Griffin Archers, we are proud to offer access to archery for ALL. We actively promote equality and inclusivity, and truly believe that everyone and anyone can find a benefit from archery.

AGB ontarget Specialisms

Our club has been awarded these specialisms by our National Governing Body (Archery GB) based on our activities.

The young peoples award has been given for the work we do with our junior membership.

We seek to provide a friendly, safe environment where our younger members can thrive in their archery careers. This award has just been renewed for a further 2 years.

Our community specialism deals with the openness of the club to accept new members from all walks of life.

We are pleased to say that we have a varied membership, and look forward to embracing all cultures.