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Meet Lil' Griff
Lil’Griff – our juniors mascot

Lil’ Griff, our junior mascot

Meet Lil’ Griff, he is our juniors mascot, and definitely has his own reasons for being part of our Griffin Archers family, Our juniors have the added jeopardy that he likes to fly away like an arrow, so they will definitely have their hands full!!!

He is brave like a lion and bold like an eagle, but he’s a junior archer, so needs supervision. Being a descendant of the kings of air and beasts, he has a big attitude. So he is always thinking of ways to get our junior members (and their families) in trouble.

Brave as a lion, bold as an eagle

Pre-COVID, and as part of our Archer of the Month award, he went home with whichever junior was awarded this. They then had the option to send photos or videos in order to blog his time with them. Before they brought him back in time for the next month’s nomination.

Post-COVID, we have not re-started this award yet and Lil’ Griff is currently residing with our social media officer. Look out for him popping up in places where Griffin Archers meet – he is a mischievous character at times.

We look forward to publishing his adventures with our junior members in the future, and hope that he doesn’t get them in too much trouble with their parents!

If you should be lucky enough to meet Lil’ Griff, be sure to say Hi – he’ll love it!

There are a few rules for our juniors when looking after Lil’ Griff:


  • Look after Lil’ Griff – he likes to try his wings, be like an arrow, and “FLY”.
  • Don’t feed him Baked Beans or Chilli, his farts are legendary.
  • Please do take photos, draw pictures, write diary entries, blog posts or articles about your time with Lil’ Griff.
  • Do bring him back on or before the date he is due to go to the next archer.
  • Always keep him clean, he can be wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • Don’t let him tease your pets as they may want to bite him if he is rude!
  • Be sure to feed him fruit or vegetables and salads.
  • Stay polite and practise good sportsmanship so that Lil’ Griff copies you.
  • Have lots of fun and adventures with Lil’ Griff.
  • Remember, Lil’ Griff wants you to be the best Archer that you can be.