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Are you looking to get back into Archery?

by Peta Searle

If you have shot before or even been a member of Griffin Archers in the past, it’s likely you want to return to Archery. Statistically, a massive 43% of people who have joined Archery clubs in the last few years say they plan on returning.

We, as a club, would like to welcome anyone with previous experience of Archery to join us and have another go!

We offer lots of help and support, here are some of the things we do!:

A Refresher or Beginner’s Course

You can complete a simple Archery Refresher course to get your skills up-to-date and gain some confidence on the range. There is also an option to complete a Beginner’s Course again if you are really unsure about what to do. It is always good to brush up on knowledge and there’s no shame in that! Don’t worry about getting things wrong either! Our coaches are friendly and give constructive feedback to help you improve at your own speed.

Making Friends

We know it can be quite intimidating starting at a new club and not knowing anybody. However, everyone at Griffin Archers are super friendly so making friends is a breeze. We can introduce you to our members to help your transition to being a part of the club! You could also try approaching some people on your course so that you know a few people as soon as you join!

The Boost Archery Programme

If you’ve chosen to re-do a Beginner’s Course, you have the option for completing a Boost Archery Programme afterwards which coaches you on how to refine your basic technique as well as teaching you about nutrition. You will even learn about what happens at Archery competitions such as what preparation goes into them and also general competition etiquette.

Marking Your Goals and Achievements

We know everyone does Archery for different reasons. We’d love to help you achieve your goals, all you have to do is talk to our coaches and we can advise you on how best to do it!

Maintaining Inclusive

If you struggle with any challenges that you think might prevent you from taking part, come talk to us! We are a very inclusive club and can make arrangements suitable for you so you can enjoy Archery with ease! Let us know because we would love to help!

Celebrating and Having Fun

We have created a very supportive environment so there’s no pressure to compete if you don’t want to. We arrange fun themed shoots regularly and give out prizes just for the fun of it!

Buddying Up!

We can match you with an existing member of Griffin Archers to help your transition into this new environment. They will shoot by your side for your first few sessions to encourage and support you throughout your shooting journey!

A couple of our experienced members are taking part in the Empowering Archers Workshop. This is Part One which covers: the basic coaching course, general Archery technique and understanding management skills. This will enable them to be effective Range Returner Reps. If you need a casual chat or some technical Archery tips, these wonderfully friendly and outgoing members can help! We will point them out to you!

To book your session, email us at

We’d like to reassure you that our club and coaches follow Archery GB’s Covid-safe guidelines.

We’re ready to welcome you back to help you achieve your sporting ambitions in a socially distanced but fully supportive environment!

Griffin Archers are looking forward to seeing you on the shooting range soon!