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Useful Information

This page is provided to Griffin Archers membership in order to publicise publications which can have useful information. They cover various aspects of archery, including a guide to target rounds shot here in the UK, a guide to making your own equipment, to the nuts and bolts of compound archery.

Please let me know if you find any useful guides which we could host here for the members.

The Nuts & Bolts of Compound ArcheryGuide to Target RoundsMake Your Own Equipment

In preparation for a return to archery in 2021, the club’s coaches have prepared a number of documents to assist the club members. They cover both exercises and equipment checks – in both cases talk to your coaches if you have any difficulties.

We will add more guides relating to more advanced bow setup as they are completed.

Return to Archery - 2021

Two important questions for youClini-Band exercisesWarm-Up and Cool-Down exercises
Skills and DrillsStrength and ConditioningReversal exercises
Your Basic Kit checkLooking after your ArrowsBasic Range Safety