Meet Lil’ Griff

Lil’ Griff, our new junior mascot

We are delighted to announce that a new Mascot for our Junior Griffins is on his way! Little Griff is our new mascot, he will have his own reasons for being part of our Griffin Archery family, he has the added jeopardy that he likes to fly away so our juniors will definitely have their hands full!!!

Picture to come soon – as soon as we can catch him!!


Vic, the InVICtus Bowmen Phoenix

Meet Vic, he’s the Invictus Bowmen Phoenix and our club mascot. His picture is our club emblem and appears on hats and t-shirts. This makes him famous, and a bit big headed. He loves to watch and support archery and all sorts and activity, he has decided that he would like to help encourage Invictus junior archers by going and spending a whole month with them. 

He wants to be with them and have fun, maybe there will be photos or a short article or blog post that can go onto his web page on the Invictus Bowmen website. He will support all sports and activities, he likes to walk up and down stairs and tries to do 1500 flaps of his wings a day.

Vic is easy to take care of, he enjoys fruit, vegetables and grilled worms (he likes these grilled with chilli sauce and rolled in sugar – but he is trying to give them up so please do not let him have these). DO NOT feed him baked beans!!! His wind is explosive and so if he blows off he could end up catching the surroundings on fire.

The only thing he gets naughty around is fire, so be aware he will try and sit on Barbeques, in firepits and also in wood – burners. He has been known to eat charcoal too.

He likes to be hot so if you lose him at home look in the airing cupboard or by the boiler. Or he may be outside sunning himself, but remember you need sun cream.

Vic wants to know how our juniors have fun, when they are thinking about archery and when they are not.

Vic wants to be a guest in your life and your home.

Vic wants to help encourage you to do your best at archery, to help you with scoring and taking part.

If Vic gets upset or can’t sleep he likes songs to calm him down.

“We will Rock you – by Queen,

Roar – by Katy Perry

All Things Bright and Beautiful – The hymn.

Fire starter – The prodigy

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash”


Most of all Vic just wants to be your friend.


  • Look after Vic
  • Don’t feed him Baked Beans
  • Do take photos, draw pictures, write diary entries, blog posts or articles about your time with Vic
  • Do bring him back on or before the date he is due to go to the next archer,
  • Do keep him clean
  • Don’t let him tease your pets as they may want to bite him if he is rude!
  • Do feed him fruit or vegetables and salads
  • Stay polite and practise good sportsmanship so Vic copies you.
  • Do have lots of fun and adventures with Vic.
  • Do Remember that Vic wants you to be the best Archer you can be.