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Club Records

Club Records – the life-blood of an archery club.

Elf Day shoot presentations

Every member knows that they are essentially competing with themselves every time they step on to the shooting line. However, it can be very gratifying to know that you have ‘won the day’ and possibly achieved taking home a record to boot!

Here at Griffin Archers, we track the Club Records. In order to do this, we use Golden Records (Designed and sold by Toxik Software) to record all scores submitted by our members. It enables us to record scores and records in all the different rounds that we shoot.

In addition, we can also keep track of, and update handicap and classifications for all of our members.

The reports linked below, which detail the current club records, was generated by Golden Records on 24th December 2021.

Outdoor Club Records as at 24/12/2021Indoor Club Records as at 24/12/2021