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We have listed below the Archery GB-designed exercises and Skills & Drills for progression in archery.

They consist of both movements to warm up the muscles, and stretches, to keep those muscles soft and supple after exertion.

It is vital that all archers understand warm-ups and cool-downs, in order to reduce and even prevent any possible injury to their muscles caused by the practice of archery.

Posture, exercises and skills & drills help us, as archers, to get the proper bone alignment for effective shooting. Your coaches will be able to assist here too. Remember though, everyone is different and some compromises may have to be made in order to get an acceptable shooting style – talk to your coach.

This is not the only thing to consider – correct equipment specifications are equally important. The correct draw length and weight can have a significant effect on your shooting. Drawing a bow which is too heavy for you to control throughout a day’s shooting will just make you very disillusioned about archery. Your coach can assist you in getting the right fit for you.

Posture: Griffin Archers - Posture

Exercises for Archery: Griffin Archers - Exercises for Archery

Strength & Conditioning: Griffin Archers - Strength and conditioning

Skills & Drills: Griffin Archers - Skills and Drills